Setting up Workflow Conditions in SOLIDWORKS PDM

During the initial check-in of any document into SOLIDWORKS PDM, the file type and file path are checked to determine which workflow the file will be placed into. 

Workflow Condition Types:

There are five different types of Workflow conditions that can be defined explicitly or via the Categories section of the Administration Tool.

Condition Types:

  • Category
  • File path
  • Object type
  • Revision
  • Variable

The most commonly used conditions are File Path and Category.

  • File Path - Can be used to filter files based on the folder they are in, or file extension (type of file).
  • Category - allows EPDM Administrators to setup predefined groups of conditions. This can make setting workflow conditions on multiple workflows easier and more organized.

Below are the steps to edit the conditions of a Workflow:

  1. Open the PDM Administration tool and expand the vault
  2. Log in with the Admin account, or another account with full administrative permissions in the vault
  3. Expand the Workflows section
  4. Right click on the Workflow you want to edit and select Properties

Workflow Properties:

The most commonly used conditions used to sort files upon initial check-in are Filepath and Category. A file must meet ALL the conditions listed within the list of conditions. If the conditions contain one or more OR folders, they must meet all conditions as well as at least one condition within each OR folder.



In this Admin Files workflow, a valid file would have to be  .txt, .log, .docx, OR .doc file type AND originate from a folder path that contains a folder labeled "Admin Files"


As we can see, the OR folder allows one to specify a range of acceptable condition types.

To add a new Condition, click the New button. If you want the condition to be under an existing OR folder, make sure the OR folder is selected before click the New button.

To add a new OR folder, click the OR button.

You can also move existing conditions into or out of OR folders by dragging and dropping them in the desired location.

For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469 (US) or 866-587-6803 (Canada) and

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