Updating an Existing SOLIDWORKS PDM Revision Number

Updating an existing revision number in EPDM can have unexpected consequences if not done correctly. This article will cover the effects of changing different parts of a revision number within a workflow as well as the revision components, and how it will affect future revisions.

You have a revision number (the scheme) and the revision components (components that make up the entirety of a revision number).

The revision components contain a list or formatted string that tracks its current position in the series.

Changing Revision Numbers:

Swapping one revision number within a workflow for a new revision number will cause the next revision of a file to start at the initial counter value of all components within the new revision. All data associated with the old revision number is removed going forward through a revision increment.

Example:   Existing Scheme (A, B, C, D, ...)   New Scheme (1, 2, 3, 4, ...)

Scheme is changed after file reaches revision C.

The file at rev C will become rev 1 after it is next incremented.



Changing Revision Components within Revision Number:

By changing the actual revision components within a revision number, you will not lose information associated with the specific component, but any new components that are introduced will be starting at their initial counter value and data from the previous revision number will not be translated through a revision increment.

Existing Scheme:                            New Scheme:


Revision number format string is changed from a one digit numeric component to a two digit numeric component.

The revision components of the revision number are changed as seen after the file reaches rev C-3. The secondary is now incremented to result with C-01.

Note: If the primary were to be incremented, the revision would become D-01.

Also worthwhile noting, if you ever place a revision component that had been previously used back into the revision number, the counter will pick up where it last left off.

Revision Number Format String updated a second time after D-02.



Changing format Revision Number Components:

If you change the actual Format String or Value from list within a component of a revision scheme will allow EPDM to preserve the existing index of the revision component. Any updated to the revision number through an increment will move to the next logical index of the revision number.

Initial Format String:                           Updated Format String:



This preservation of the index is not restricted to just numbers either. The Format String is again updated after the file reaches rev B-06 to use letters instead of numbers, and logically progresses to the 7th index, G.


Screenshots and testing via SOLIDWORKS EnterprisePDM 2015SP1.1


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