Disabling PDM Automatic Login

This article describes how you can disable SOLIDWORKS PDM automatic login, thus when accessing the Vault the standard login dialog box will appear. If a PDM Administrator enabled 'Automatic Login on Windows Login', all users will have seamless access to the Vault, but for various reasons to include shared computer, some users would rather be prompted to login.


You can disable automatic login by following these steps:

  1.  Open SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool on client's computer.
  2.  Go to Local Settings then Settings as illustrated below.PDMSettings.png
  3. In the Vault drop down menu, select the required vault, as illustrated below.use_server_default.png
  4. If 'Automatic login on Windows Login' was configured(by a PDM Administrator on the Archive server), unchecked 'Use server default', as illustrated below.unchecked_use_server_default.png
  5.  For automatic login configured on the client's computer itself, unchecked 'Use automatic login for this vault', as illustrated below. unchecked_use.png
  6. Click ‘OK’ to save these settings.  

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