Generating Reports in PDM Professional

The Search Tool in PDM is extremely effective, however there are instances where some advanced reporting is necessary. Hence, this article describes how you can use the Report Generator feature in PDM to search a selected file vault using one or more queries. The Report Generator also provides the means of querying a SQL Database, without running the query from within SQL Management Studio.

This feature is not available in PDM Standard.


1. Open SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool.

2. Login into the Vault  as   'Admin'.

3. Right click on the user or group for which you want to give permission to run report and select Open.

4. Select Administrative Permissions then check 'Can update report queries" as illustrated below.



In your Local Vault View, you can access the Report Generator from the Tools menu option has shown below.



To import a query go to File on the menu and select Import Query as shown below.



When importing a Report you will prompted to choose which users and groups will be able to run a Report. Only the users and groups who were given permissions to run reports, in PDM Admin as mentioned above, will be listed as illustrated below.



After you have imported the report(s), select one or more reports then select the Vault to run the query and click on 'Run'(green arrow icon) as illustrated below to generate the result.


You can then click on the Save icon to save the result as a CSV file.

The report query Report Examples 1.crp is installed by default to C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM.

For more detailed information regarding the creating of a PDM Report, please reference the PDM Administration Guide.

If you are not able to perform these steps or you have any questions, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at




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