Hidden Options In Check In/Out PDM Dialog Boxes

This article describes hidden menu options that are available when using Check in/out PDM dialog boxes. These menu options are also available in Change State, Rollback, Get Version, Move Tree and Copy Tree dialog boxes.


To access these menu options, right click in the File list and the context menu will appear as shown below.


Available shortcut menu options are:

  • Columns: This allows you to add or remove columns.

  • Show Reference Selection Controls: For files with references (such as assemblies with parts), turns on a second check box to the right of parent files. Use the left check box to select or clear only the parent file. Use the right check box to select or clear the parent file and all of its references. If all check boxes are not in the same state, the added check box displays Select.png

  • Select All: Selects all files or items, so that you can use a single keystroke to check or clear the Get column.

  • Select Files: Displays a dialog box where you can specify wildcards to select a group of files. You can then use a single keystroke to check or clear the files in the Change state column.

  • Show Tree Lines: Adds tree lines to the File name column.

  • Change Thumbnail Preview Size: Changes the size of thumbnail previews as SmallMedium, or Large. By default, Medium is selected.

  • Check Out All Files: Selects all items in the Check out column.

  • Get All Files: Selects all items in the Get column.


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