Comparing the '@' and Default tabs on a PDM Data Card

This article compares the '@'  and Default tabs on a PDM Data Card and how they relate to Custom and Configuration specific file properties in SOLIDWORKS. 


SOLIDWORKS files are capable of taking on both Custom file properties and Configuration specific file properties, as illustrated below.




A new file in SOLIDWORKS is given a single configuration called ‘Default’. Therefore, assuming a file’s initial configuration has not been renamed and no additional configurations have been added, the file’s Data Card will have an ‘@’ tab and a ‘Default’ tab. An example of this is shown below.




The ‘@’ tab, also known as the ‘as built’ tab, displays a file’s custom properties, while one or more configuration tabs (the ‘Default’ tab in this case) display configuration specific file properties. These '@' and 'Default' tabs correspond respectively to the Custom and Configuration tabs in SOLIDWORKS, as shown below.




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