DriveWorks Solo Activation

This guide will walk through activating DriveWorks Solo.  The next time SolidWorks is opened after installing DriveWorks, the DriveWorks Solo Add-In should be enabled.  If not, go to Tools->Add-ins to enable DriveWorks Solo.


Automatic Activation

1. Go to the DriveWorks Solo task pane.  At the top, click the link saying, "Click here to license DriveWorks."


2. This will bring up the Licensing Wizard.  Enter in your DriveWorks serial number.  Note: DriveWorks Solo serial numbers are different for each major Version.



3. Fill out the Registration Form.



4. DriveWorks will then try to activate automatically over the internet.



5. The Licensing Wizard will display the Activation Successful screen once it is able to activate DriveWorks.




Manual Activation

1. If the automatic Activation does not work, click on the "Stop" button.



2. Select "Use manual activation" on the following screen.



3. Click on "Save Request" to save the requested file.



4. Open up a web browser and go to  Click on "Choose File" and select the requested file that was saved earlier.  Submit the file, and a response file will download automatically.


5. Go back to the Licensing Wizard and click on "Open Response."



6. Select the response file, and DriveWorks will be activated.




Transferring License

1. The DriveWorks Solo license needs to be returned before it can be used on a different computer.  This can be done through the DriveWorks Solo License Manager, which can be accessed by going to Start->All Programs->DriveWorks Solo->DriveWorks Solo < Version> License Manager  Click on "Return License."



2. The DriveWorks Solo serial number can then be used to activate a different computer.

For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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