How to Rotate a SOLIDWORKS Routing Fitting

This article describes the methods used to rotate a fitting, using SOLIDWORKS Routing.


Rotating with Triad

While editing a route, a user can right-click the fitting and select “Move Fitting with Triad”. Click and rotate one of the triad's circles to rotate the part about its axis. Click and drag one of the arrows to move the part (Image Below). Right-clicking on the triad allows a user to display boxes, where exact values for rotation and translation can be entered. To display the triad every time you place a part, click Tools > Options > Routing and select the option “Use triad to position and orient components on drop”.

Rotate by Mating

Rotating a fitting can also be done by adding a concentric mate between the part and a sketch line. The part will need a conveniently located circular face that is perpendicular to the route path. This description can be seen in the image below.

Rotate with Keyboard

Drag the fitting into graphics area and place over the desired point in the route. In order to rotate the fitting, hold the Shift key and press the arrow keys. By default the rotation increment is 15 deg. By going to Tools > Routing > Routing Tools > Routing Options Setup > Component rotation increment, the default value of 15 deg can be changed to any desired value.

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