Hawk Ridge Systems

Rick Thorp July 07, 2012 Solutions & Answers / Support Essentials:

Upon logging in, you'll have complete access to the Hawk Ridge Systems Knowledge Base. Use this link, or the Navigation Menu, at the top of the page.

Rick Thorp December 14, 2011 Solutions & Answers / Support Essentials:

Learn more about Hawk Ridge Subscription Service

Subscription Service Benefits Include:

  • Local technical engineering support 1.877.266.4469 US and 1.866.587.6803 in Canada
  • Hawk Ridge Systems exclusive 24/7 eSupport website.
  • Interactive live real time problem resolution via online screen-sharing sessions
  • Free Hawk Ridge Systems Night School Training 3-hour Sessions
  • Innovative Hawk Ridge Systems Tool Kits for productivity systems
  • Free Certified SolidWorks Professional Exam Certification - CSWP and CSWA exams
  • SolidWorks Software Upgrades and Service Packs
  • New SolidWorks Software Releases - Design faster and more efficiently with new release features
  • SolidWorks Customer Portal - gain full access to an expansive, web-based respository of resources, including service requests (SRs) and software performance requests (SPRs)
  • Hawk Ridge Systems Knowledge Base, Free Tutorials and over 130 Videos

Rick Thorp August 09, 2012 Solutions & Answers / Support Essentials:

You can easily create a request using this Customer Portal. Remember: you can even create a short video screen-cast from this page, allowing us to see exactly what's happening on your end.