2022x FD02 What’s New – 3DX Data Management

This document highlights the enhancements for areas related to data management in 3DX (3DEXPERIENCE). This may not cover all new features of data management. This does not cover any new features to any non-data management roles such as 3D Sculptor, 3D Creator, Project Planner, etc.



UES - Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS 

User Interface Changes 


  • Searching within tabs: if you want to search for content within a specific tab, you should click on the down arrow next to the tab name.


  • Searching within widgets: new in FD02, you can search within a specific widget. Click the down arrow at the top right of the widget. This is especially helpful for apps such as 3DSpace or Bookmark Editor.


UES – Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

  • Add data to bookmark editor from SW design tree: while holding the Alt key, click and drag a component from the SW design tree into the Bookmark Editor app to add the file to that bookmark location.


  • Lifecycle & collaboration actions from SW menus: previously, the MySession window was crucial to performing 3DX actions such as lock, unlock, and reload from server. These commands are now available through right click menus, or its own command manager tab. You can also share the model directly to a 3DSwym community.





  • New local cache tab in SW task pane: this tab essentially shows you your MyWork folder which displays your local cache. Open or delete files from here.


  • Automatically replace files in MySession with new revision: previously, after creating a new revision upon save, the MySession window still had the old revision loaded. You had to right click the file and choose “replace by revision”. Now, this setting will automatically replace the file with the new revision for you. Located in MySession > Tools > Options. This has been automatically turned on during the FD02 update.


  • Save active window as new: this is essentially a “save as” where you can directly save the new files to the collaborative space set in MySession.


  • Collaboration with external members: allows you to do a “smart pack and go” of your files to share with members outside of 3DX. Mark files as Read-only or For Edit. Export the files as a .sldpkg file.


The external person opens .sldpkg in SW on their computer in the free add-in “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange for SOLIDWORKS” – download here. They save the package and send it back to the 3DX customer. Import the package into SW and get feedback on which components have changed, and what has been added.




  • Bulk download of derived outputs: download all derived outputs part of an entire assembly structure. Previously, you had to download outputs per file.


  • Restrict drawings maturity change: add rule to transition to restrict drawings from moving to a new maturity state if the referenced components are not in the targeted maturity state. This is to avoid releasing drawings when the associated drawings aren’t already released.


  • Batch Save to 3DEXPERIENCE: supports creating a nested folder structure into Bookmarks for you. Previously, only supported one Bookmark level at a time. Select a top-level bookmark, and it will create the sub-level bookmarks for you.


User Interface Changes

  • Ability to link 3DX actions to SW shortcuts: customize keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures to 3DX actions such as lock, unlock, reload from server, and more.



  • Verbiage change in SW file name bar: previously, if a file was not locked through MySession, the file name bar in SW would say [Read-only] behind the file name. Now, it specifically says [Not Locked], or it will call out who has the file locked.


  • New filters in Save to 3DEXPERIENCE window


  • Delete symbol changed from red X to trash can: previously, in apps such as Collaborative Lifecycle, the delete symbol was a red X icon. This was confusing as the symbol to clear content from the app was a blue X. Now, the delete symbol is a trash can to differentiate it from the blue X.


*To see some of these new features in UES (Collaborative Designer for SW), you may need to rename your HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks registry key, or upgrade to SW 2022 SP2 if you haven’t already.

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