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This guide is written for administrators of SolidWorks PDM Standard. The goal of this guide is to detail the steps necessary for an administrator to successfully install the server components of the PDM Standard installation. Please see the installation guide for the PDM Client for information about installing that component.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is used to securely store and manage files. The server components of PDM Standard run as services and are supported on Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016. The Database server component is supported with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2017 and 2019.

This is not a troubleshooting guide. If you have any technical issues with SolidWorks, please search the Hawk Ridge Systems Help Center, or contact Hawk Ridge Systems technical support.

This document is only to be distributed and used by Hawk Ridge Systems customers. Any other use is prohibited.



Before Installation

Installation of PDM Standard Server Components


Before Installation

Hawk Ridge Systems highly recommends taking a moment before installing SOLIDWORKS and checking that you are ready to load your new software. First, ensure that your system meets minimum system requirements for the products you are installing.

Below are the primary operating system and software requirements for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 server components.





Below are the basic hardware requirements for a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 server.

SOLIDWORKS also supports a small number of virtual environments for the PDM Server components.


Installation of PDM Standard Server Components

  1. Insert and run the SOLIDWORKS Installation disc 1 or run the “Setup.exe” file inside your downloaded installation folder.
  2. Select “Install server components” > “Install SOLIDWORKS PDM Server”, and “Next”.
  3. If you had selected to install the SolidNetwork License Manager on the previous page, please enter your PDM serial number in the appropriate field and press “Next”.
  4. Select “Change” next to “SOLIDWORKS PDM Server”. 

  1. Select “SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard”, check both “Archive Server” and “Database Server”, input your SQL server login information to either use an existing instance or create a new one, and then select “Back to Summary”. We recommend that you download and install MS SQL Management Tools when installing a new instance.

Note that you can also choose to install the Client component here if needed. Please see the guide for that product for more information.

  1. Select “Change” Next to “Download Options” to verify that your download options are correct. Adjust these as needed and select "Back to Summary".


  1. Accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement and select “Install Now”, or “Download and Install”, depending on your selection in “Download Options”.
  2. If the installation prompts a restart of the computer, that should be followed accordingly. After this is finished, the PDM Standard server installation is complete.


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