SOLIDWORKS Support for Windows 11

With the recent announcement from Microsoft about Windows 11, we will use this document to track what we know so far about the upcoming operating system and how that will impact SOLIDWORKS support for it.


What We Know About Windows 11

It's official. Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 as the successor to Windows 10 on June 24, 2021. You can see videos about it here:

SOLIDWORKS will support it...eventually. This means that at some point after Windows 11 is launched, we will see an update to the SOLIDWORKS system requirements page that will show compatibility with the new operating system. See this page for updates:

It has a fairly high system requirement compared to Windows 10, so older computers may not be compatible. Refer to the Microsoft website for more details so you can check with your IT if your computers will be compatible.

Does this mean SOLIDWORKS will stop supporting Windows 10? No. Typically SOLIDWORKS mirrors the Microsoft lifecycle for the operating systems, so this would mean that SOLIDWORKS versions released through October 14, 2025 will likely to continue to receive support on Windows 10(per the Microsoft lifecycle page here:

What We Don't Know

We currently do not have a known launch date, but they did specify late 2021(our best guess right now is October 2021).

What versions of SOLIDWORKS will support it? We do not know yet, but given their track record, SOLIDWORKS tries to offer support as quickly as they can once a new OS launches. However, given the potential launch in late 2021, this would mean that we would likely not see support for it at all for SOLIDWORKS 2021, and likely see support for it in a later service pack of SOLIDWORKS 2022.

Will it be as awesome as Windows 10? Time will tell! Some of the new features like Snap Layouts and what looks like an improved Search experience are welcome.

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