Installing CAMWorks 2020 Removes Custom Files

Installing CAMWorks 2020 has been known to remove certain files from user hard drives. Prior to installing CAMWorks 2020, it's recommended to make a backup of the following items.


Technology Database: Any subfolders used to store customized TechDb.cwdb files, within the \CAMWorksData\CAMWorks2020x64\TechDB folder string, will be removed/deleted. The installation process will only backup the TechDb.cwdb file from folder string mentioned above.

Post Processors: Any post processor files added to C:\CAMWorksData\CAMWorks2020x64\Posts will be relocated to a backup folder; C:\CAMWorksData\CAMWorks2020x64\BackupPosts. This condition can become problematic when opening legacy files because the system will not have the new folder location to locate the desired post processor. This condition will cause the error message indicating an expired post processor. This can be remedied by editing the Machine Definition>Post Processors and browsing to the new post processor backup folder to select the desired post processor.

Sub-Spindle Operations: The customized sub-spindle definitions located in C:\CAMWorksData\CAMWorks2020x64\SubSpindleOps will be removed/deleted. A method to recover from this loss is to open a file that has the sub-spindle operation, edit the sub-spindle operation definition, then select Save to recreate the entry in the desired folder.


Setup Sheets: The customized setup sheet files located in C:\CAMWorksData\CAMWorks2020x64\Lang\English\Setup_Sheet_Templates\Mill-Turn-MillTurn, will be removed/deleted. This includes all sub-folders that were created during the setup sheet generation for specific part/assembly files. If the part/assembly data (to include image files) was saved outside of the above-mentioned folder string, then it is possible to retrieve the customized setup sheet definition file (.xsl/.xslt). Each time a setup sheet is generated, a copy of the .xsl/.xslt file is saved with the image files.



If you have any questions regarding the information above or are unable to troubleshoot this issue, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 1-877-266-4469  (US), 1-866-587-6803  (CAN), or

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  • Many thanks to Craig Serkanic and Glenn Munger for bringing this issue to our attention, and assisting with the creation of this article. !


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