Updated SOLIDWORKS UI for 2020 SP3 - Where did the Quick Access and Help Go?

Beginning with 2020 SP3, SOLIDWORKS has changed the default position of the Quick Access Tools menu. The Help button also moved to the upper right corner and is the question mark button. In addition to that, the default set of Quick Access buttons is missing Print, Power Select, and File Properties. These were optimization changes for wider compatibility on different screens and resolutions. The steps below show how to bring the previous Quick Access Tools back.

Before 2020 SP3


After 2020 SP3


Restoring Previous Quick Access Tools to the top Menu

  1. After updating to 2020 SP3, launch SOLIDWORKS and open a part. Then right-click on the Command Manager and click Customize. 
  2. Under the Toolbar tab, change the Quick Access Tools option to "Show in the Menu Bar." It will move the buttons back to the top Menu Bar, but there are 3 buttons missing: Print, Power Select, and File Properties. 
  3. While still in the Customize menu, click the Commands tab and then select the Standard set of buttons. From here, click and drag the Print, Power Select, and File Properties buttons to the top Menu Bar. 
  4. Feel free to customize the menu further for any other commonly used commands.
  5. There is no way to move the Help menu back to the Quick Access.

Animation Walk-Through



Known Issues with 2020 SP3 UI Changes

With these changes, there are some issues that have been documented and resolved in upcoming versions. Please refer to the two SPRs below:

1182430 - User Interface: After SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP3 Update: Window display state Maximize causes incorrect toolbar arrangement when launching SOLIDWORKS. - resolved 2020sp4

1181006 - Search Command tab is shifted to top left side of Window when we launch SW. resolved 2020sp5

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