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CAMWorks Standalone License Guide

CAMWorks Standalone License Guide

SOLIDWORKS is Online Activation-based, meaning SOLIDWORKS activations are processed automatically over the internet.  However, CAMWorks is License File-based, where you create a license request file through the CAMWorks License Manager, email it to CAMWorks, and they send you back a license file to activate with.

The following guide goes over the workflow to request for a new or updated CAMWorks license file for users with standalone licenses.  Note that you MUST acquire a new license in order to run future versions of CAMWorks.


Request for New/Updated Standalone License File

1.  From Windows Start, look for CW License Manager nested within the CAMWorks License Manager folder (Alternatively, you can access the CW License Manager from the installation directory under C:\CWLicenseManager\CWLicenseManager.exe).


NOTE: Before proceeding to the next step, make sure you have full rights to configure and update the CWLM (right click CW License Manager > Run as Administrator).  If you don't, it will say so at the bottom of the Status tab and you will be prevented from making any changes.



2.  Click into the License Setup tab and set the License Method to FlexLM Software.

3.  Click the Request License button and complete the form. Any field ending with an asterisk is required information. If you do not know your 6-digit CPD serial number, check the box I do not have/know the serial number. Additionally, confirm that you have read the HCL Technologies private policy by checking the box below the window.


4.  Use one of the options at the bottom of the window to e-mail the request:

- If this computer has Outlook email capabilities, click the Create E-mail using Outlook button and send the email with the attachment to

- If Outlook is not setup on the computer, click the Open in windows Explorer button and note the location of the file containing your information.  Then, generate an email, attach the file, and send to


5.  Click Close to exit the Request License window and OK on the CAMWorks License Manager.  NOTE: CAMWorks will not run until you receive the license file and activate the license.


Activating the License

6.  When you receive the license file from Geometric (, copy
the file to a folder on your PC. The .lic license file must be on the same PC as
CAMWorks. We recommend you put the license file in the same folder as the
License Manager.

7.  Run the License Manager as Administrator again and click into the License Setup tab.

8.  Under the Configure FlexLM license section, make sure Select node locked
(Standalone) license file is selected.  Then, click the Browse button to the right.


9.  Browse to the folder where you copied the license file, select the file, click Open,
then Apply.

10.  Click back to the Status tab and verify that the information has been updated as follows:

- Authorization = Succeeded
- License File Used = [Path and Filename of license file]
- License Type = Nodelocked (Standalone)


11.  Click OK to exit the CW License Manager.

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