SOLIDWORKS PCB DWG/DXF Import Issue: Class Not Registered

This article addresses an issue in which a 'Class not registered' error is received upon attempting to open/import DWG/DXF file in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Steps to resolve the error

SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base solution S-073614 addresses this error.

In order to import DWG/DXF files in SOLIDWORKS PCB, you must download and run the attached ‘TeighaX_Setup_3.9.0.msi’ file.

Follow these steps:
(These steps have been verified for  SOLIDWORKS PCB 2017 and  SOLIDWORKS PCB 2018)

  1. Download the attached TeighaX_Setup_3.9.0.msi file to a local folder.
  2. Right-click the file > ‘Install’
  3. When the setup is complete, open the SOLIDWORKS PCB application.
  4. Open a PCB Document.
  5. Go to ‘File’ >’Import’.
  6. Select 'AutoCAD PCB Files (*.DXF,*.DWG)' > select the document > ‘Open’.
  7. Adjust the preferences in the import dialog box > ‘OK’.

Should you still encounter issues opening/importing DWG/DXF files in SOLIDWORKS PCB, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support.

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