Moxa unit setup for wireless connection to CNC

The following guide can be used to configure the Moxa units to allow the PC to connect wirelessly to your CNC.  Some of the information required in this setup will need input from your IT department.  Additionally, IT will also need to confirm that there will not be any security restrictions to allow the device to join the network and communicate to the computer.


Configuring Moxa Wireless Unit

1. Use a crossover cable to connect Moxa unit to PC.
2. Turn on the device by plugging in power cable.
3. Open Network Connections in the Windows Control Panel and go to the properties of the device.


4. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP from the list and click Properties.
5. Select Use the following IP address and enter the designated IP address and subnet mask for the Moxa unit.  Click OK.


6. Open Internet Explorer and type in the IP address from step 5.  This should bring up the Moxa unit firmware interface.



7. Select Wizard to step through the configuration of the device.
8. On the first screen, enter the designated IP address, subnet mask and gateway.


     8a. Set Serial Port TCP timeout to 0.
     8b. Make sure No powersaving timeout on device is enabled.
     8c. Set Serial Port to RealCom.

9. Press Next and set the Network Type and SSID.


10. Enter the Authentication, Encryption and PSK passphrase. The screen options may change depending on the type of Authentication and Encryption.


11. For Application, set to Device Control and Mode, set to RealCOM.


12. Enter the Baud rate, Data bits, Stop bits, Parity, Flow control, and Interface then click Finish.


13. Press Save/Restart.


14. Unplug the Ethernet cable and watch the lights on the front of the box. The WLAN light should be lit (as well as the signal strength bars) to signal a connection to the wireless access point, 


Install the device drivers for the Moxa units

1. Install the NPort Windows Driver Manager and open.
2. Select Add+ then search to find the Moxa units.


3. After the device has been found, click OK and activate the unit.



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