Windows Installer Error 1305

Windows Installer Error 1305 indicates that the Microsoft Windows Installer is having difficulties reading/accessing the Installation Files(media) from your DVD.


The most common reasons this will happen:

  • DVD is dirty or damaged
  • DVD cannot be read/cached due to hardware issues or permissions issues


Use the following steps to troubleshoot this issue

  1. Remove the DVD from the drive and gently wipe it off with a soft non-abrasive cloth
  2. Confirm there are no scratches, cracks or other damage on the DVD
  3. Confirm you do not have restrictive permissions to your DVD Drive Windows user permissions for a DVD drive
  4. Confirm there are not any DVD Drive Hardware or Software Driver issues DVD drive troubleshooting
  5. If there are still issues copy the entire contents of the DVD to a local folder where you have full permission and then run the setup file with administrative permissions


If you still have issues please contact support directly:


Login and submit a request online:

Call: United States: 877.266.4469 or Canada: 866.587.6803


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