Upgrading PDM server components

This guide is written for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional 2015 and later versions. For earlier versions, please see the install guide for that year version here.

This guide covers the upgrade of the PDM archive server, database server service, and client all installed on the same server system. It does not cover upgrading the PDM Web components, or an individual client installation.

Hawk Ridge Systems highly recommends taking a moment before installing SOLIDWORKS components to check that your system is ready to load the new software. First, ensure your system meets minimum system requirements for the components you will be installing. Also, confirm that the hard drive has enough space to have at least 15% free space after the full installation.

Before upgrading, we highly recommend you make a backup of your vault. For instructions, please see our Backup and Restore guide. We also suggest checking in all files to make sure the latest versions of all files are on the server when the backups are made.

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