2020 Product Activation

This guide is written for version 2020. If you are using an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS, please download our earlier activation documents to correctly manage the activation of your version of SOLIDWORKS.

A standalone SOLIDWORKS license can be used to activate one machine. If you wish to use your license on another system, you must first deactivate the computer that is currently active. Please see the SOLIDWORKS End User License Agreement if you have any questions regarding this policy.

All standalone licenses are activation-based so products such as Simulation Professional, Simulation Premium, Flow Simulation, and PDM Standard Contributor licenses will follow the same activation processes outlined in this guide.

The activation ID’s are based on the computer hard drive and motherboard. When upgrading your hardware, changing your SOLIDWORKS software, reformatting your hard drive, or moving to a new computer, you will need to deactivate the license on your computer first. Afterwards, reactivate the license on the new computer configuration. Failing to deactivate before making these changes will result in your software being unable to be reactivated and therefore will be unusable. If your activation is lost due to hardware or software issues, contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support immediately to rectify the problem.

This is not a troubleshooting guide. If you have any technical issues with SOLIDWORKS, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support. This document is only to be distributed and used by Hawk Ridge Systems customers. Any other use is prohibited.

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