Origin of Imported STL Uses Corner of Part Rather than Original Origin

This article is a guide on how to import the STL file using the corner of the part rather than the original origin. When a user imports an STL file exported from SOLIDWORKS they may notice that the origin of the imported STL file is now located on the corner of the boundary box of the part rather than the original origin. In the image below, notice how the origin of the original SOLIDWORKS part on the left is located at the center of the cylinder, while the imported STL on the right has the origin at the bottom left corner of cylinder's boundary box. 


This issue occurs when an STL file is exported from SOLIDWORKS without the option Do not translate STL output data to positive space enabled. In order to make the exported parts maintain their original position in global space, relative to the origin, go to Tools>Options>Export, change File Format to STL and check on Do not translate STL output data to positive space (as seen in the image below). 


Once the option is checked on, re-save the STL file and the original origin of the part will now be used. 

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