How to troubleshoot an Online License issue and when to reach out to support

This guide is intended to assist you with troubleshooting most Online Licensing issues and will help you determine at which point you should reach out to Hawk Ridge Support for additional assistance.




After the April 2017 Dassault Systemes change to the activation manager database, where only 1 active machine at a time, per standalone license, is accepted by the database, Dassault Systemes looked for ways to address the common user need to access a license both at work and home.  The primary answer has been Online Licensing. Online Licensing authenticates your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal member ID to the activation database. This authentication enables your active SOLIDWORKS session to be licensed.  Online Licensing ultimately removes the inconvenience of manually transferring the license between work and home computers.  



Troubleshoot setup

Troubleshoot activation

Troubleshoot using Online License post setup/activation 



Troubleshoot setting up an Online License

Step 1: Remove all machine activations 

To check Machine Activations in the Admin Portal, on the Products page, you can see if there is an activation currently detected by the SOLIDWORKS Activation Database.  You can see the name of the activated computer by clicking on the product serial number. The active computer will show on the left side. To remove that activation, access that computer, use the highest installed year version of SOLIDWORKS, and then deactivate the license. 


If you run into issues with this process you will likely need to contact support to resolve this.


Step 2: Ensure there is only ONE member account assigned to the serial number

After you have removed all Machine Activations, confirm there is only one user assigned to the serial number. 



Step 3: Ensure there is only ONE of each product assigned to the member account

Double check that there is only one of each product assigned to the User account by clicking the user name and confirming this. 
For example: A user may have assigned 1 SOLIDWORKS Premium along with the SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard.  But, if there are two of the same products, for example a SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Standard assigned to the same user, remove one.


If there are still issues when you try to "change to Online Licensing" please contact support.  



Troubleshooting Activation of the Online License on your computer.

If you are prompted for machine activation and not able to get to a login option, please do not confirm machine activation.  If you already confirmed a machine activation prior to reviewing this article, please contact support for further assistance.

Once you have canceled the machine activation process/prompt use the following steps to manually create the Online Registry Key. 

WARNING: Incorrect Registry edits may cause instability.  Be sure to export (back up) the registry key you will be changing prior to changing it. If you are uncertain about this process please contact support as this is an advanced troubleshooting process.

  1. Open Regedit
  2. Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\Licenses\
  3. Export/backup the Licenses key
  4. Create new key under Licenses and name it Online
  5. Add a DWORD to the new key
  6. Name the DWORD - SOLIDWORKS
  7. Set the DWORD value to 1
  8. Launch SOLIDWORKS
  9. Login when prompted
  10. If there is a login issue, use this article to troubleshoot it; if the issue is not a login issue, please contact support




Steps to use when you have issues with Online Licensing post initial setup and activation

Most Online Licensing issues can be resolved with the following steps:

Confirm your user ID and password by logging in on; you will need to re-enter your credentials after completing the following steps.

WARNING: Incorrect Registry edits may cause instability.  Be sure to export (back up) the registry key you will be changing prior to changing it. If you are uncertain about the registry edit steps in this process please contact support as this is an advanced troubleshooting process.

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\SolidWorks\Credentials
    Note: AppData and ProgramData are Hidden folder.  Use this page to show Hidden items. 
  2. Locate ud.xml
  3. Delete ud.xml
  4. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet
  5. Rename the FLEXnet folder to FLEXNet_old * if you have non-SOLIDWORKS Flexera based Software, you will need to stop that software before you can rename the folder. You can copy/paste that data to the new FLEXnet Folder after it gets remade.
  6. Use Regedit and navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\Licenses\Online
  7. Back up the Online key
  8. Rename the Online key to Online_old
  9. Create a new key named Online
  10. Add a DWORD named SOLIDWORKS to the Online Key and set to value 1 
  11. Launch SOLIDWORKS, sign in when prompted


If you have issues logging in and ultimately get “SOLIDWORKS is installed as an online licensed product and cannot run without a valid login.” please use the steps outlined here

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