SIM Wrapper Error Codes

Sim Wrapper error 1 - No Driver
SimProceed to troubleshooting steps listed under “Sim Wrapper error 5 (0)”

Sim Wrapper error 2 - No Sim
Check the physical installation of the Sim adapter.
Try to install the device to a different port available on the PC.

Sim Wrapper error 3 - Bad Sim
Contact HawkSupport at or toll free (877) 266-4469.

Sim Wrapper error 4 - Expired
Contact HawkSupport at or toll free (877) 266-4469.

Sim Wrapper error 5 (0) - Drivers corrupt or not installed for the Sim or invalid codes
Follow these steps if you have a Sim from Predator.
1. Sentinel Protection Drivers must be installed locally on the PC running Predator (Remote Desktop / VNC or any other remote program will not work during the initial setup)
2. Remove the Sim from the USB or Parallel port on your PC.
3. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove the Sentinel Protection Installer and remove.
4. Insert the CD that you received from Shop Floor Automations in the CD-Rom drive and navigate to “Drivers\Sentinel System Driver” folder and double click the “Sentinel Protection Installer 7.1.0.msi”
5. After this is completed, insert the Sim into the USB or parallel port on the PC and watch for the Windows notification that the new hardware was been detected.
6. Open Predator and if the registration window opens, enter the serial number and access code in the provided spaces.
7. If Predator opens, go to the Options menu and choose Upgrade. Enter the serial number and access code here.
8. If no errors, verify in the title bar of Predator that it does NOT say “Predator/DEMO”.
9. If you do get an error again, proceed to the troubleshooting steps for the Sim Wrapper Error 5 (56) below.

Sim Wrapper error 5 (56) – The serial number or access code is invalid.
Symptom: Codes seem to not update; you are entering the correct codes, but keeps coming up with an error.
1. Enter “dncdemo” for the serial number. Leave the access code blank.
2. This should bring you up to Predator. Shut down Predator and relaunch.
3. Go to the Options menu > Upgrade
4. Enter the correct serial number and access codes and hit “OK.”
5. If this still does not work, go to Start > All Programs > Predator DNC > Repair All
6. If you still get this error code, call our technical support department.

Sim Wrapper error 17 – Wrong Version
1. Launch Predator and check the version by clicking “Help” > “About”
2. If you have version 4.x.x.x, you should be using a serial number beginning with “04””, if you have version 3.x.x.x installed, you should be using a serial number beginning with “03””
3. If you do not have the correct version that matches your installed version, verify that the codes you are using are the correct ones.

Sim Wrapper error 18 – Wrong Product
Follow the above steps for the Sim Wrapper Error 17.

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