Fanuc Alarm 86

Ryan Rusconi

Error P/S 86 is usually associated with the pin out of the cable being used.
In most instances Software Handshaking (Xon Xoff) is used and when this is the case,
a Loopback Null Modem cable, so named because the Handshake Outputs are Loopback to
the corresponding Inputs on the same device, is used. The Loopback Handshaking gives
the illusion of full Handshaking, when in fact there is no Handshaking at all. Following
is the cable configuration for Xon Xoff Handshaking.

Also, make sure the memory lock key isn't turned into the lock position...
Sometimes the port on is shut off (Windows does this) and you have to reboot....
If you haven't done so already, you might give it a try.

If you don't succeed with the following cable pin out and settings and the P/S 86 error
persists, check the voltage between pins 20 and 7 at the control; it should be around 12VDC.
Pin 6 and 8 are asserted logic 1 by pin 20. If the voltage is less than 3VDC, this will
also cause the P/S 86 error.

Look at the Fanuc CPU module and see if you have a second serial interface.
If you do move your cable (on the control) from the Serial 1 port (JD5A)to the Serial 2 port (JD5B)
and change the parameters to use the serial 2 port.

Loopback Null Modem Pin Out
Machine Side ---------------------------------- PC Side
DB25 Male Connector ---------------- DB9 Female ------ DB25 Female
1 ---- Shield Trace ----------------Not Connected ---- Not Connected
2 --------------------------------------- 2 --------------- 3
3 --------------------------------------- 3 --------------- 2
| Bridged

8 All Bridged

7 --------------------------------------- 5 --------------- 7

Machine Control Parameter Settings
#0020 =0 (I/O Channel =0)
Bit 1 = 0
Bit 0 = 1 (2 Stop Bits)
Bit 3 =0 EIA or ISO code (automatically distinguished)
Bit 7 =1 No Feed (Null Characters) before and after the data at data output (
#0102 = 0 (RS-232C using Control Characters DC1 to DC4)
#0103 = 11 (9600)(Baud rate)

PC Software Settings
Handshake Method = Xon Xoff
Data Bits = 7
Stop Bits = 2
Parity Bit = Even
Baud Rate = 9600 (or whatever the control is set to)

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