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SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing requires a valid SOLIDWORKS ID and password and utilizes Microsoft Internet Explorer Protocols when accessing the Online Licensing login. This article will address the two main issues you may run into when logging into SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing: “Login failed, please try again” and “SOLIDWORKS is installed as an online licensed product and cannot run without a valid login.”







When you have a login issue with SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing, please use the following steps to resolve:

  1. Open Internet Explorer©
    NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer© because the SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing authentication process utilizes your Internet Explorer© settings; no matter what browser you have set as your default browser only the Internet Explorer© settings matter to this process.  If Internet Explorer© cannot properly reach the SOLIDWORKS Servers/Services, your Online License cannot authenticate
  2. Navigate to
    - If the login icon is missing in the upper right, navigate to and use the login icon there
  3. Attempt to login
  4. If Internet Explorer© is the source of your login issues you will encounter one of the following:
    - Either or my.solidworks will fail to fully load
    - There will be no login icon on or
    - The sign in window will not load, will time out or will error out when you click to sign in
    - Sign in will fail with a page not found error, page blocked, or general page failure message
    NOTE: If you instead get a general user or password incorrect message, go to Step 6
  5. After confirming Internet Explorer is the source of your login issue, begin to troubleshoot Internet Explorer© (IE)
    A. Clear cache/cookies
    – test login
    – if it works, test the Online License Login again
    B. Reset all security zones to default level
    – restart IE
    - test login
    - if login works, test the Online License Login again
    C. Reset all Internet Explorer Settings
    – restart IE - test login
    - if login works, test the Online License Login again
    D. If login did not work after any of the above steps, uninstall IE, reboot the PC, reinstall IE How to Repair or Reinstall IE
    NOTE: If there are still issues with connecting to using Internet Explorer©, reach out to Microsoft Support for assistance with further IE/Windows troubleshooting
  6. If login now provides a general "incorrect user/password" please reset your password
  7. Once you are able to use Internet Explorer© to log into, your SOLIDWORKS Online Lincese session should login and start
  8. If SOLIDWORKS Online License login still fails please contact Hawk Ridge Support.
    Note: If you have another Online Licensing error, not a login error, please check the steps here for additional troubleshooting or contact Hawk Ridge Support


For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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