Register My Products Does Not Work

After 4/11/23, the customer portal is obsolete. The features will continue to stay locked and the features are now located at different locations. 

If the Customer Portal features are locked you must click on the "Register my Products" link under the support icon and then register the newest SOLIDWORKS product possible to unlock the features in the portal. For information on this process please refer to our youtube video.

You may find that using "Register my Products" will bring back an error, stopping the padlocks from being removed. This is because of the new "Admin Portal" on 

When the first person at a company enters the Admin Portal they become the first administrator for the Admin portal. This shifts the license administration from the original "Customer Portal" at over to the new "Admin Portal" at This shift in license administration removes the ability to register my products in the Customer Portal. 

In order to correct this a SOLIDWORKS agent must modify the customer portal account database to force the license registration, nothing can be done on the users end to correct this problem. This can only be done by a ticket from Hawk Ridge Support to the SOLIDWORKS support team.

Please submit a ticket with us via our support email system or call us at 877.266.4469 for the U.S or 866.587.6803 for Canada stating your email and serial number used for the customer portal so we can create the ticket with SOLIDWORKS.

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