Predator PDM – Logon Failed


There is a condition which causes the Predator PDM application to produce an error message when starting Predator PDM. This error message is specific to the logon failure of the Predator PDM application to the designated vaults.

The primary cause for this error is a change in the user profile password. If the password of the user’s Windows profile related to the vault location has changed, then the Predator PDM must also be changed to match.


The following steps are to reset/update the password in Predator PDM.

1. Close the current Vault view by clicking the X at the upper right corner. Be sure not to select the X that will close the application.



2. From the Menu bar, select Edit > Components > Vault



3. Select the vault name from the list, press Next until you reach the dialogue screen that has the Vault Admin Account information.



4. Enter the new Password (and Confirm Password field). Then, select the Test Account Access option. This will verify the new password is working. Then, press Next until you get to the last dialogue and press Finish.




5. Close the Predator PDM application by selecting the X in the upper right corner, then restart the application. The application should now successfully connect to the vault folder(s).



For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and

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