SOLIDWORKS Issues Relating to GDI Objects


This article intends to aggregate a list of known issues relating to the interface between SOLIDWORKS and the system GDI Object count.


'Low Resource' warnings can sometimes be attributed to a low restriction on the maximum GDI Object count. Here's how to check if your system is restricting the GDI Object count, and adjust the settings appropriately:

Low Resource Warning - SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor

However, in some cases, the GDI Object increase may be related to a known issue in the software. Depending on which version of SOLIDWORKS you're using, you may be impacted by the following bug reports, listed in order by their resolution date:


PLEASE NOTE: This list is by no means exhaustive. We've only included those bugs which affect SOLIDWORKS 2018 and 2019 in the list (last updated 1/31/2019). Bugs may affect ALL or SOME versions of SOLIDWORKS up until their official resolution date. Bugs may return at any time ("bug regression").


SPR#: 1104326 - Crash and render failures for SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool after GDI leaks up to 1000 objects each time a new list is created and the vault has more than 100 lists




SPR#: 1072674 - GDI object in SLDWORKS.exe is increased every time root folder of vault is selected in open dialog in SOLIDWORKS. All of this is not released if the other local folder than root folder is selected and the open dialog is closed.




SPR#: 955608 - SolidWorks Composer's Open dialog hangs when browsing to EPDM vault view; GDI objects steadily increase *Windows 8.1*

RESOLVED in SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP0, potentially because SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 is not supported by Windows 8.1.



SPR#: 1035551 - Showing check out dialog for SolidWorks fileset leaks 100+ GDI objects in Explorer process each time dialog appears

Verified using SWPDM 2017 SP3, Windows 10
1. Add and check in SW fileset (for example the advdrawings dataset from the SW tutorial folder).
2. Open Task manager and add a column for 'GDI Objects'.
3. In Explorer vault view, right-click folder and select Check out.
4. Each time the dialog appears, the GDI count increases by 100+ objects.
- You will eventually run out of GDI objects after viewing BOM of many different files. Customer is worried that users will quickly run out of the available GDI objects for Explorer process (10.000)
- Does not seem to release the objects after switching to other folder etc.




SPR#: 1081140 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - Administration: Editing Workflows and displaying State and Transition properties use 200 GDI objects, leaks 100 objects each time.

ConisioAdmin.exe does not release GDI objects until administration tool is closed.




SPR#: 1035520 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - Bill of Material (BOM) - Integration - Windows Explorer: Viewing BOM tab in Explorer leaks 30+ GDI objects each time you switch between files

Verified using SWPDM 2017 SP3, Windows 10

1. Add and check in multiple assemblies.
2. Select BOM tab.
3. Open Task manager and add a column for 'GDI Objects'.
4. Start selecting assemblies, each time the BOM is displayed the GDI object count increases by 30 or more objects.
- You will eventually run out of GDI objects after viewing BOM of many different files.
- Does not seem to release the objects after unselecting files, switching to other folder etc.




SPR#: 914141 - GDI object count for zz3DxLCD50RSSReader.exe (3Dconnexion LCD Manager) reaches 10000 while using SOLIDWORKS on Windows 10


Hawk Ridge Systems recommends:

For users who are using the 3Dconnexion mouse software, having RSS feed enabled can consume a lot of GDI objects resulting in SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor displaying a low system resource message. Try disabling RSS feed in 3Dconnexion to fix this issue.


To Disable RSS Feed.

1. Navigate to Settings in the 3Dconnexion software.

2. Disable RSS feed.



SPR#: 1041660 - GDI objects cannot be released from memory, which it is increased when opening and closing files in SOLIDWORKS.

The problem resulted from add-ins which run inside the sldworks process. Testing confirmed that SOLIDWORKS functions do not accumulate GDI objects in version 2017 and newer. Work with your support representative to identify which add-in is not releasing GDI Objects if you observe this problem.





SPR#: 1074006 - SOLIDWORKS PDM - User Interface: Each right click on Folder tree in Explorer leaks 1000 GDI objects when menu is displayed. Vault Specific

This is reported on Win7 with SWPDM 2017sp3, tested and reproduced on Win7 SWPDM 2017sp3 and SWPDM2018sp2 with the following steps:

Restore attached db
Start Task Manager and display GDI column
Browse to Vault View (login as Admin) expanding the Folder Tree in Windows Explorer
Right mouse button on any folder in the vault in the Folder Tree area and watch how GDI objects for Explorer jumps about 1000 on every RMB, i.e. 10 clicks and Windows Explorer crashes.

This seems to be reproducible in this particular vault only. Temporarily you can use the reg files from SPR 779430 to disable the RMB on a folder.





SPR#: 1083334 - GDI objects are consistently increasing when undocking and docking the task pane







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