Simulation Default Results Folder Location

This article goes through the steps to set the default Simulation Results Folder. It can also help with the following error message, “Failed to create temporary file. Please change the Simulation work directory.” Note: this change will affect any newly created studies after the change and will not affect existing studies. For existing studies, right-click the study name in the Simulation tree and go to Properties to change the results folder.

1.  Go to the menu bar and select Simulation > Options

Simulation Options Tab.png

2.  Select Default Options > Solver and Results. (The options are under the Results folder section as shown in the figure below.)

Solver and Results Section.png

From the example above, a sub-folder named "Results" will be created within the directory of the component that will run the study. The general recommendation is to set up a sub-folder for the results instead of allowing those to be saved into a temporary folder.  If a sub-folder is used to store the results, verify that users have the necessary read/write permissions to that folder. This will help ensure that those studies can be accessed later.

Additionally, it is best practice to save results in a local folder instead of a network drive folder or a PDM drive folder as saving in those drives can cause performance or instability issues when running studies. 

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  • 1.  The Default Options, Results selection doesn't exist in 2023.

    2.  I already have a local directory set that has read/write permissions set and I'm still getting "Failed to create temporary file.  Please change Simulation work directory."


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