Automating the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Environment Archive Process

Jared Kuntz

This article outlines how to setup an automatic environment archiving schedule for SOLIDWORKS Electrical.


The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Automatic Archiver tool can be downloaded from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base's SPR 748800, or via the attachment link at the end of this article.  SOLIDWORKS Electrical must be installed on the system executing the archiver tool.


Please see the steps below for the Environment Archiver install/configuration process:

  1. Download the 'EwEnvironmentArchiver.exe' executable.
  2. Run the executable.
  3. Within the Environment Archiver dialogue, choose the items you want to archive and the desired destination for the .tewzip archive file, via the 'Output Folder' field.2018-12-27_11_17_42-Downloads.png
  4. Click 'Save'.
  5. Click 'Archive now'.  Note: The Environment Archiver needs to be run at least once on its own, prior to continuing with the steps below.
  6. Launch the Windows Task Scheduler.
  7. Select 'Create Basic Task'.2018-12-27_11_20_02-_31__RingCentral.png
  8. Add in the appropriate name and description of the task.2018-12-27_11_21_33-Task_Scheduler.png
  9. Select the desired frequency of the automated archives.2018-12-27_11_21_51-Task_Scheduler.png
  10. Select the appropriate options, from those available, depending on the type of frequency chosen in the previous step.2018-12-27_11_22_40-Task_Scheduler.png
  11. Select 'Start a program'.2018-12-27_11_23_48-Task_Scheduler.png
  12. Browse to the location where the 'EwEnvironmentArchiver.exe' is located, and enter 'runwithlastoption' in the 'Add arguments' field.2018-12-27_11_38_37-Task_Scheduler.png
  13. Select 'Finish' after reviewing your settings.2018-12-27_11_24_45-Task_Scheduler.png

The automated SOLIDWORKS Electrical environment archives will now be performed based on your schedule settings. 

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