Technical Support Holiday Coverage

During the holidays, people are often surprised when they call in and are able to reach an agent. This article will help clarify our holiday coverage and provides the best way to reach us.

How our support team works during the holidays

Hawk Ridge Systems provides support for customers in both the United States and in Canada. While some holidays overlap, many do not. On these days, our staffing may be modified, along with how we prioritize cases.

  • US and Canadian shared holidays - Technical Support is closed
  • US holiday only - Technical Support is open, Limited agents available
  • Canadian holiday only - Technical Support is open, Most agents available

Normally, you can reach support in three different ways: calling in, using our chat feature, and emailing. During the holidays, if staffing reaches a certain level, we will disable the live chat feature, and any chats will automatically create a ticket that can be resolved by email.

On holidays, our team will also prioritize calls over emails, so if the matter needs immediate attention, we recommend that you call in. If calling is not an option, insert "URGENT" at the beginning of the subject line so our team knows to increase the priority.

2020 Technical Support Office Holidays


To contact us, call 1.877.266.4469 (US) / 1.866.587.6803 (CAN) or email our team at

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