Setting up a shared Feed & Speed Library

This document outlines the process to setup a shared Feed & Speed Library (MES Database) for CAMWorks. Establishing a common Feed & Speed Library has the same benefits as a commonly shared Technology Database. It allows all CNC programmers to have access to a single source of data to maintain consistency in the programming process.

There are only two files that need to be located to the desired shared location.

1) Start by creating a folder at the desired shared location. This folder will contain the database files needed to setup the sharing configuration. The files to be copied to the shared folder are in the following directory path [C:\CAMWorksData\MATLIB]. The two files to copy are MATARC.MDB and MATERIAL.MDB. These are MS Access database file types.


2) Start the Material Library utility from the CAMWorks Feed Speed Library. This can be done from the Windows Start Menu or by double clicking on the Matlib.exe file in the above-mentioned folder location.


3) Within the CAMWorks Feed Speed Library (a.k.a Micro Estimating Material Library), navigate to the Preferences tab. Enter the shared folder path name in the Data field. This is the only field that gets modified.


There is no Save function, so as soon as you close/exit the utility, the changes are applied.

4) It is recommended to verify the changes by reviewing the settings.ini document file located in [C:\CAMWorksData\MATLIB]. The file can be opened using Microsoft Notepad. Ensure that the data path is correct and matches the desired shared location. Also ensure that the language line is properly set (English).


If you do make edits, save the file to retain and apply the changes.

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