Setting up shared EDM Post Processor & Cutting Condition files

Glenn Munger

This document outlines the process to setup a shared EDM post processor to include the cutting condition file (if available). The wire EDM post processing environment is unique and does not follow the typical milling and/or turning machine structure in CAMWorks.

There are two format versions from the CAMWorks install; one set of files represent the 'current' version and the second is for 'legacy' construction. The primary difference is the cutting condition database formats. The 'current' version utilizes the SQLite style database (.cwdb) for the cutting conditions whereas the 'legacy' version utilizes an MS Access database structure.

Recommended steps:

1. Move the following files to the desired shared location.

    a. Wire EDM post processor file (.pst)

    b. Associated Cutting Conditions file(s) (.cwdb, .ecc, .sagcc, .sbcc,            .mkcc)

    c. Associated auxillary post files (.pstinfo, .Custom2Axis,                          .Custom4Axis, .CustomSettings)

    d. Hole Popper post processor file (.hpst)

2. Copy the following files to the desired shared location.

    a. WireEdmPostExe.exe

    b. MachineSetup.bin

3. Close all sessions of SOLIDWORKS / CAMWorks Solids.

4. Start the EDM Machine Setup utility. This can be found in the                Windows Start menu under the CAMWorks[version] folder.

5. Within the Machines tab, switch the Selection type to 'Select' and          use the Select File button to browse to the file named                          MachineSetup.bin in the shared folder location and select the file.        The file path will update in the utility UI.



6. If the machine make and model do not exist in the selected .bin          file, then follow the instructions to create new machines found in          the document 'Wire-EDM_Tutorial.pdf'. The document is located            through Windows Start Menu > CAMWorks[version] > EDM Tutorial.

7. It is recommended to periodically select Save to ensure the                  modified information is getting applied and saved to the .bin file.          You can also utilize the Save Defaults option to create a backup            file of the current .bin file. The backup filename is saved as                  MACHINESETUPBACKUP.WDFLT.

8. Within the Setting tab of the EDM Setup utility, ensure the                    machine information is correct.


9. Point to the desired post processor file located in the shared                location.


10. Point to the desired cutting conditions database file located in              the shared location.


11. Select 'Save' to update the information in the .bin file. Select                'Save Defaults' to update the backup file with the latest parameter        settings.

12. On other client computers, start the EDM Machine Setup utility              and use the Select option to point to the .bin file located in the            shared location.

13. Start SOLIDWORKS / CAMWorks Solids and turn-on the                        CAMWorks Add-in and confirm that the EDM information is                  properly referenced.

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