SOLIDWORKS PCB Services Permissions Setup

This article outlines details regarding how to setup SOLIDWORKS PCB Services sharing permissions, in addition to providing details about the default 'Mechatronic 3D Models' folder.




SOLIDWORKS PCB Services is the mechanism that allows for project sharing, management, and revision control in SOLIDWORKS PCB.  PCB users can be created, within PCB Services, in addition to adding those users to groups, known as Roles.  PCB Services also includes global settings for giving 'all' users full access, read-only, etc.


The most important item to remember when NOT using the global settings for 'all' users, is that each PCB user must have the 'Can Edit' sharing permission on the default 'Mechatronic 3D Models' folder.  This folder is the default folder for the 3D models/assemblies generated during the Push/Pull process from SOLIDWORKS PCB to SOLIDWORKS, and vice versa.  If PCB users do not have the 'Can Edit' sharing permission on the 'Mechatronic 3D Models' folder, they will not be able to fully access/edit the 3D models/assemblies generated.




To share the 'Mechatronic 3D Models' folder:

1. Open a web browser and access the SOLIDWORKS PCB services by typing “[your Server Machine Name]:9780”.

2. Sign in to the SOLIDWORKS PCB services as an administrative user.

3. Click the 'Vault' tab.

4. In the left pane, right-click on 'Mechatronic 3D Models' folder> 'Share Folder'.

5.  Select the 'Can Edit' sharing permission for each user that is involved in the SOLIDWORKS PCB-to-SOLIDWORKS design process




Please see the video at the link below, for additional information about setting up SOLIDWORKS PCB Services sharing permissions.


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