Preventative Maintenance and Consumables for Markforged Composite Systems

Brandon Boulden

The following article will walk through the steps needed to find the print hours of your Markforged composite system. This will help to keep track of specific items that need to be replaced at regular intervals. 

To access your print hours, first, go to the Menu area.


From here, navigate to Settings.


Next, select System Info.


Lastly, your print hour statistics can be accessed by clicking on the "Trophy" icon. This will give you a print system time in a days-hours-minutes combo.



400 print hours consumable replacements:

  • Plastic Nozzle Pack
  • Bowden Tube
  • Feed Tube
  • Dry Box Adapter
    • If you have a brass colored adapter, it will need to be replaced with a Steel Adapter provided by Markforged

1000 print hours non-consumable replacements:

  • Plastic Extruder

 If you are in need of these parts to replace, please contact:

**Consumable parts are covered under Markforged Success Plan **






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