SOLIDWORKS 2019: Crash When Inserting Component Into Assembly

This article addresses a problem and fix for customers using SOLIDWORKS 2019 who are experiencing program crashes when inserting components into assemblies.

Products Affected (SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP 0)

Software Performance Report and Solution

  • SPR 1106019: 'SOLIDWORKS® 2019 SP0 crashes when a component is inserted in assembly and “Enhanced graphics performance” is on' 
    • Solution: Disable 'Enhanced graphics performance' through system options. This is done by selecting Tools > Options> Performance and unchecking 'Enable graphics performance'. We recommend that this option be left unchecked until SP 1 where the issue is resolved. 



This workaround should only be used for testing the 'Enhanced graphics performance' option.

  1.  Have a file open and go to Tools > Options> System> Display> HLR
  2.  Uncheck the option 'Optimize for thin parts'



To view the report, search for SPR 1106019 in the knowledge base within the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.


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