How to obtain a DVD for SOLIDWORKS

This article explains the new process to receive the SOLIDWORKS Upgrade Media Kit.

Process for Subscription Customers

Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2019, Dassault Systemes decided to offer upgrade DVD's to customers who were eligible at the time of the that years launch(October typically) by special request only. These upgrade kits will no longer be automatically shipped each year as they move towards a DVD-less world. These are available to all paid subscription customers who were eligible at the time of launch.

Click here for the Media Request page.

*Update 8/19/21* 2021 DVDs are no longer available via this process. The page is currently closed and will return with 2022 media in November. If you require a 2021 DVD in the meantime, please contact our technical support team for the latest information.

This is a sample of the form you will be taken to. Simply fill in this form on the website, and click "Submit". Your order will be submitted for processing and shipment.

For questions about your order and shipping information, please contact their print shop directly here:


Process for non-subscription Customers

If the license was purchased after the fact, a DVD maybe purchased during the initial transaction. If the license was off-subscription at the time of launch and has since been renewed, that license will not be eligible. For older copies and for off-subscription licenses, please contact our technical support team for other options.

DVDs are the only physical media available for SOLIDWORKS.

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