Technical Alert: SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 SP0-SP2

An important problem has been identified in the SOLIDWORKS® PDM 2018 SP0 – SP2 software:

SPR 1080816 (SOLIDWORKS 2014 and older format files can become corrupt after performing Change State followed by Check Out using the SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 add-in and then saving the file in SOLIDWORKS 2018 to convert the file to 2018 file format.)

This problem is fixed in 2018 SP3. The fix requires changes to both SOLIDWORKS 2018 and SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018. Customers working in SOLIDWORKS PDM vaults with SOLIDWORKS files still in 2014 or older file format must update to 2018 SP3 or apply hotfixes.

If older versions of SOLIDWORKS (2016 or 2017) are being used with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 SP0 – SP2, then the problem does not occur.

Hotfixes are being made for 2018 SP2. This post will be updated with the Knowledge Base Solution ID containing the hotfixes as soon as the hotfixes are ready.

2018 SP3 was released 5/21/2018 and is available from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal now.

The upgrade instructions for PDM 2018 can be found here: 

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