Revision Column properties linked to other columns or Column Does not delete

This article covers two topics that are caused by the same issue. First, if you insert a Column in a revision table but it links to another Column Property. The other is that you cannot delete an BOM Column.

The issue can be seen in the GIFs below. First, after creating a column and adding a header, editing the cell causes the revision column to also change.


Second, if you try to delete that same column, it only gives you the option to delete the table. Other columns give you the option to delete the column.



Both these issues are caused by an odd trait in Revision table columns: Copying the properties of the column used to insert left/right of. It is cropped out of the GIFs, but if you look at the feature manager tree of the created column, it has the column properties of 'Revision'




With the Column Property set this way, it is linked to the SW Property for revision, so when you change one, the other updates as well. Also, while most columns can be deleted, it is intended behavior of the software that the "Revision" and "Description" column cannot be deleted. If your Column Properties is set to one of the two, you will be unable to delete these columns. This can be really annoying, especially when you cannot delete the column you just created.


The resolution to this is simple, just change the custom property to a different one, my recommendation would be custom as it will not link to any other built in properties. You can have it link to other custom properties set in your drawing as well.



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