Failed to Initialize Toolbox (or other tools) License


When attempting to use the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox or Inspection tool (among other SOLIDWORKS products) you may encounter an error similar to the following:




The cause of this error is often due to a Windows® root certification needing to be updated to accommodate the newest .dll's.


1. Download the attached file to the ‘C:\temp’ folder. Create this folder if it does not already exist.
2. Open a Windows command prompt as administrator.
3. At the command prompt, type the following command: C:\temp\rootsupd.exe /c /t:C:\temp\extroot> and then press enter. to extract the 'rootsupd.exe' file and then press Enter. 

The command creates a new 'extroot' folder in which it stores the extracted files.

4. To update the certifications, at the command prompt, change directory to ‘C:\temp\extroot’.
5. Enter the following four commands one-by-one hitting enter after each command:

a. updroots.exe authroots.sst
b. updroots.exe updroots.sst
c. updroots.exe -l roots.sst
d. updroots.exe -d delroots.sst

Once you've typed in all of the above lines reboot your system and attempt to use the tool again to verify if the issue is resolved.


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