Property Tab Builder Configurations Selection

This article describes the error that may occur if the Configurations option is not properly selected in the Property Tab Builder. 

The Property Tab Builder is used to create property templates that are used for applying customized properties to SOLIDWORKS files. For information on how to use the Property Tab Builder please see our video here

Users may experience an issue where their properties created in the Property Tab Builder are shown in the Custom tab instead of the Configuration Specific tab, and vice versa.

This is due to the selection that is made when the template is created. By default, the Configuration Specific tab is selected as shown below. 


Although it appears the Custom tab is selected due to the indented appearance, the Configuration Specific tab is actually selected. In versions prior to 2017, the appearance of the selected configuration is more obvious due to the contrast in color in the Property Tab Builder. 


Unfortunately, the user interface for this selection is not intuitive. Due to this, the user should make sure to click on the 'Configurations' option they want to apply their properties to. 

If you have any questions regarding the information above or are unable to troubleshoot this issue, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 1-877-266-4469 (US)1-866-587-6803 (CAN), or


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