How to Print Files in the Task Scheduler


This is an article showing how to use the Print Files in the Task Scheduler application. You can find a full list of tasks performed by the Task Scheduler here: Automating Tasks After Hours

The Print Files function will print individual files or all files in a designated folder of a specified file type. Multiple files or folders may be selected for a single print task, but you cannot specify both files and folders in the same task.

Note: Before initiating a print task with a large directory/file set, it is recommended to start with a smaller batch group of files/folders first. The duration for which the task runs on this test can assist in determining the overall length of a larger scale print operation.

Creating the Task

Here are the steps listed according to the following graphic:

Print Files Chronological Order of Operations

  1. Open SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler and choose the Print Files task.
  2. Set a custom Task Title if needed.
  3. Add the file or folder containing the documents to print. You can either select files or folders but not a combination of both.
    • For adding individual files: use the button 'Add File...' > browse to the file's location > select the file > click "Open."
    • For adding folders: use the button 'Add Folder...' > browse to the folder(s) location > select the folder > click "Select Folder." You can now check on the "Include subfolders" option to add any subfolder contained within the top level folder.
  4. The folder(s) or file(s) will display in the center spreadsheet listing. A specific file type can be chosen when selecting folders so only Drawings, as an example, will be printed from a folder.
  5. You can set a time for which the task will begin. If the Start time is set in the past before clicking "Finish," the task will start immediately.
  6. You can specify the task to output the designated files/folders to their source destination or a specified folder of your choosing.
  7. Clicking Options will open the Print dialog box where you can specify the printer to use. Here you will be presented with additional options to modify the document(s) that will be printed. 
  8. For the Advanced option:
    • Set the Task Working Folder destination. The task working files can include backup files, reports, etc.
    • Set when the task would timeout, ending the task regardless if the task has been completed or not.
    • Run SOLIDWORKS in the background while minimized or not.
  9. After the requirements and custom options are chosen, click Finish to get the task up and running.

SOLIDWORKS will launch itself, perform the task when scheduled, and close itself automatically once the task has been completed.

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