How to Use the Export Files Task in Task Scheduler

This is an article showing how to use the Export Files task in the Task Scheduler. You can find a full list of tasks performed by the Task Scheduler here: Automating Tasks After Hours – Hawk Ridge Systems Support

If you have multiple SOLIDWORKS files that need to be exported as different file types, the Export Files task can be used to export individual or bulk-export entire folders as such without having to perform each export manually.

Export Files Task Workflow

Here are the steps listed according to the following graphic:


  1. Open the Update Files task in the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler.
  2. Set a custom task title if needed.
  3. Choose the target file type for the export.
  4. Add the files, or the folders containing the documents, that need to be exported. Check "Include subfolders" to include files in the subfolders.
    • Please note that to export individual files and folders, two tasks are required.
  5. Specify the file types or names to be exported.
  6. Schedule the task. Note that if the Start time and Start date are set in the past before clicking "Finish", the task will start immediately.
  7. Specify where the exported files will be stored.
  8. In the Options, view/set export options specific to that file type.
  9. In Advanced, specify the task working folder where the temp files are stored during the task, as well as the time-out settings for rendering or animation tasks.
  10. Once the task has been configured, click ‘Finish’ to queue the task. You can verify if the task has been queued or completed in the Task Scheduler Menu.


SOLIDWORKS will launch itself, perform the actions according to the task, and close itself when the scheduled time is reached.

Once the task is completed, the exported files will be in the location specified in the Task Output Folder.

Available Export File Types

The available selections for the target file type are below.

Dxf .dxf
Dwg .dwg
Parasolid .x_t
Parasolid Binary .x_b
IGES .igs
STEP AP203 .step
STEP AP214 .step
ACIS .sat
VDAFS .vda
VRML .wrl
STL .stl
STP .stp
3D Manufacturing Format .3mf
Additive Manufacturing Format .amf
3DXML .3dxml
Microsoft XAML .xaml
HCG .hcg
Adobe PhotoShop Files .psd
Adobe Illustrator Files .ai
Adobe Portable Document Format .pdf
3D PDF .pdf
JPG .jpg
Portable Network Graphics .png
TIF .tif

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