Showing Surface Bodies in Drawing View

Alex Sahyoun

When making a drawing of a part containing both surface and solid bodies, the surface will not appear in the drawing view. This guide discusses the process of showing the surface body in the drawing view. Below are images of both the part and the drawing view corresponding to the part.


The surface enclosed in the red square does not appear in the drawing view, instead only the solid body appears. After inserting the desired drawing view, select “Insert>Model Items”. The Model Items property manager will then appear. At the bottom of the manager, select the surface icon, then select your drawing view on the drawing sheet. This can be seen in the image below.



After selecting the view, select the green checkmark. The surface body will now appear in the drawing view. An alternative method to showing the surface body in the drawing view would be to expand the drawing view tree and right click the surface feature then select “Show”. This method is shown below.



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