Viewing Last Version Of SolidWorks A File Was Saved In Within Windows Explorer

Knowing what version of SolidWorks a file was saved in is important, as files are not forwards compatible.  Saving an older file in a newer version of SolidWorks will prevent that file from being opened in an older version.  This can cause a lot of problems, especially when working in a multi-user environment.  SolidWorks files have a property "SW Last Saved with," which can be viewed from the properties of the file.  To do this:

1. Right click on the SolidWorks file and go to Properties

2. Go to the Details tab and look for the property "SW Last saved with"

This property can also be displayed within Windows Explorer

1. Right click on the properties bar and select More

2. Enable the property "SW Last saved with"

It'll then appear as a column within Windows Explorer.


If "SW Last saved with" does not appear within the list of properties or if it appears blank, sldpropertyhandler.dll may need to be registered.  The steps to registering this DLL file can be found here:

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