Creating New SOLIDWORKS Templates to Change Settings Like Units

With a new installation of SOLIDWORKS, it's often that you need to change the default unit type or other settings for your templates. Follow the steps below to edit the template to save time having to adjust those units each time you start a new file.

To begin, open a new part, assembly, or drawing depending on which template adjustment is required. In this example, a part will be used. After starting your new part, open the Document Properties by going to Tools>Options, then selecting the Document Properties tab. If you do not see this tab, you have not yet opened a file.

Once here, change your settings such as units or other annotation or model display settings and hit OK.


In addition to Document Properties, you can also change the default custom properties that are included your template prior by adding properties to File>Properties. Common properties to add are material, mass, description, etc. 


Once your desired changes have been set, save the new template and either add to your template folder or overwrite existing ones. To save the template, go to File>Save as, and then select the type as Part Template and browse to your template file location.

Each organization can define where these are stored, but the default is in this folder:

C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 202x\templates


Once this is done, you can click File>New, and you should now see your new template there from the list(if not, click the advanced button to get the full list of available templates).

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