SOLIDWORKS 2017 Downloads and Updates

Download & Updates - 2017

This guide is written for SOLIDWORKS 2017.  If you are using an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS, please download our earlier installation documents to correctly download and update your software.

With a major upgrade to software, you should receive a DVD that will allow you to install your software. You can also download the latest version of the software over the internet using the instructions in this document.

SOLIDWORKS periodically releases service packs that fix any issues found with the software between major releases. This document demonstrates how to apply these service packs.

Since the registration link is located on the customer portal, you will need to have an account with your serial number.  If you do not have an account and are unsure how to get one, please see our document on Registering Your Product for explicit instructions on how to do this.

This is not a troubleshooting guide.  If you have any technical issues with SolidWorks, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support.

This document is only to be distributed and used by Hawk Ridge Systems customers.  Any other use is prohibited.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS

New customers will be sent the latest DVD media with the SOLIDWORKS software.  Subscription customers will receive a new DVD with each major release of SOLIDWORKS.  If you would like to download SOLIDWORKS over the internet, you can use the following instructions.

  • Using a web browser go to
  • On the home page, click the Customer Portal Login link at the top of the page as shown.
  • Log into the Customer Portal. If you do not have an account please see: Creating an Account 
  • Use the email address and password for your account and press the Sign-in button to continue.
  • In the Self-Service area there is a Downloads section. Press the Downloads and Updates link to go to the Downloads section of the customer portal.
  • Where it says Selected Version, pick the version of SOLIDWORKS you wish to download. Also, be sure the tab for SOLIDWORKS is selected at the top of the list.
  • Select the latest version of SOLIDWORKS for your operating system from the list of SOLIDWORKS products. Agree to the End User License Agreement on the following page to proceed.
  • Install the ActiveX Control if prompted. Press the Download link on the following page to begin the download process.
  • At this point, the SOLIDWORKS Setup will need to download. Press the Open or Save button on the dialog box that comes up.  (If no dialog appears, be sure your security settings of your internet browser is set to allow downloads.) You can delete this file later because it is not needed for use once the software is downloaded.  The download will have the SOLIDWORKS installation manager included as well.
  • A self-extracting file exe will be downloaded to the location specified in the last step. Double-click this file to launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.
  • Press the Run button if a security warning box appears.
  • The executable will now unzip the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager files to a location on this machine. Keep the When done unzipping open: sldim\sldim.exe check box active to immediately run the program.  Press the Unzip button to continue.
  • When the file unzip has completed, a dialog box will appear showing the files where successfully unzipped. Press OK to continue.
  • On the Welcome page of the installer, you will be given four choices; we will use the fourth, Download only.
  • Press the Next button to continue.
  • Now you will be prompted for your serial number. If you have any add-ins, be sure to enter those numbers as well.
  • Note that SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium.  A Workgroup PDM serial number only needs to be entered if this item was purchased separately with Standard SOLIDWORKS.
  • Also Basic Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Motion are included with SOLIDWORKS Premium and these items only need to be entered if you have purchased these separately.
  • If you purchased Simulation Professional or Simulation Premium you will want to enter your serial number for SOLIDWORKS Simulation to ensure the full version is loaded.
  • Press the Next button to continue.
  • Now the installation manager will contact SOLIDWORKS to find out what products you need to download, based on the serial number(s) provided.
  • The next screen shows your download options. You can press the Change button if you would like to change the location or method of the download.

*Once the installation manager is downloaded onto the client machine, you can also proceed with the installation as laid out in our Standalone Installation document.


If the download method is left at the default setting of “maximize speed”, this uses as much bandwidth as available and will slow down the internet access for others on your network.  If necessary, press the CHANGE button for Download Options and uncheck the Speed up downloads by using more network bandwidth box and then press Back to Summary to continue.

  • Press the Download Now button to continue (You may be prompted to accept the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement).
  • Now the files will begin downloading to your computer. This may take some time depending on your internet connection and network traffic.
  • When the files have successfully transferred, you will see a page that tells you the download is complete.
  • No further downloads will be required unless a user selects some items to install that were not selected during the initial download or if the computer does not meet the minimum system requirements. Note where you have downloaded the files.
  • The client machines should now run the setup.exe from the download to begin installing.  You may still be required to download some files if you select to install items that were not downloaded previously.
  • If the setup shortcut does not start the Installation Manager, check that it is implemented using a UNC path (such as \\servername\sharename).  You can repair the shortcut by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer and then selecting Properties.
  • Once the installation manager is loaded onto the client machine, proceed with the installation as laid out in our Standalone Installation document.

Service Pack Updates

  • In SolidWorks, go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates.
  • You will be connected to the internet and the service pack on your machine will be compared to the latest version.
  • If your software is older than the current service pack, you will be told there is a newer version available. You can set your download folder destination on this page.
  • To begin upgrading to the new service pack, press the Next button to continue.
  • The new service pack will now install.
  • With the serial number you provided, the SolidWorks add-ins will appear in a list. If you would like to edit what products will be loaded, you can press the CHANGE button to customize your installation.
  • If you would like to add or remove items from this installation, you can do this with the check boxes in front of each item. Press the Back to Summary button to return to the revised summary.
  • If you wish to view your Download Options, Install Locations or Toolbox Options, you can press the Plus symbol (+) in front of the desired item. Press the CHANGE button on any of these summary items to customize them.
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