PDM Client 2017 Installation

This guide is written for users of both SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional. This guide cannot be used to install versions before 2016 of PDM because the process has changed. For more information about installing earlier versions of our PDM software, please see our Help Center.

A SOLIDWORKS PDM vault is used to manage documents. A SOLIDWORKS PDM Client is the software installed on a computer that will allow access to the vault. After the client software is installed, you can create a local vault view to connect and access documents located in the vault.

The system requirements for the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client software are listed below. Note that 32 bit operating systems are no longer supported with this version.


Before Installation

Before the PDM Client component is installed, please ensure that the following are true:

1. All Windows updates have been downloaded and installed.

2. Your Windows account has administrative permissions.

3. You’ve verified that the version of the PDM Server components are the same version as the client you’re installing. If the client and server versions do not match, you will not be able to log into the vault.


PDM Client Installation

1. From your SOLIDWORKS DVD or full download, double-click on Setup.exe.

2. Specify the “Individual Installation” option in the Installation Manager and press “Next”.

3. Installing the PDM Client does not require a serial number for either PDM Standard or PDM Professional. Press “Next” to continue to the “Product Selection” page.



4. On the Summary tab, select “Change” next to the “Products” section.


5. Select “PDM Client” from the SOLIDWORKS Products list, and then “Back to Summary”. Note that you can also install other products at the same time as the PDM client if you wish.

6. Select “Change” next to the “SOLIDWORKS PDM Options” section.

7. Specify whether you would like to install the PDM Standard or PDM Professional Package, the type of client type you would like to install, and any necessary add-ins from the list. Press “Back to Summary”.

8. Accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement and select “Install Now”.


Adding the Vault View

Once the Client component has been installed, a “vault view” will need to be created in order to access the files in the vault. To do this:


1. Go to Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS PDM > View Setup

2. Select Next, select the appropriate Archive server, and Next.

- Note that if your Archive server is not shown in the list, you may have to manually type it in using the “Add” button. Please see your ePDM administrator if you are not sure which server to add.

3. Select your vault and click Next.

4. Specify the location for the vault view, and whether you would like to install the vault view for only your Windows profile, or for all Windows profiles on this computer.

- Unless you have different users sharing the same machine, it is usually recommended to select the “For all users” option.

5. Click Next and then Finish.

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