Floating and Distorted Dimension Text due to Perspective Mode

This article covers why dimension text can be distorted or appears to be floating away from the model and the necessary steps to resolve the behavior.

Generally, dimension text and coordinate systems are displayed flat to the screen (when looking normal to the dimension):




This is the normal behavior of these texts and leader. However, there is a view display setting called “Perspective Mode”. When turned on, perspective mode warps the 3D model in order to give a semblance of realistic perspective, where parallel lines recede into the distance towards a singular vanishing point. An unfortunate side effect of perspective mode, however, is that it will attempt to render EVERYTHING in this same sort of “realistic view”, including dimension text and arrow leaders. Observe what happens to the dimension text when perspective mode is activated:




Note the Reference Triad in the bottom left of each screenshot. As we rotate the model back and forth, the text attempts to maintain a fixed spatial position somewhere above the model in order to give a semblance of perspective when the model is observed down the y-axis.

Also, note how perspective mode affects a coordinate system:



For obvious reasons, working with dimensions and your coordinate system can be very irritating with perspective mode on. In order to return your text and coordinate systems back to normal, just disable perspective mode from the view settings in your Heads-Up View Toolbar or simply go to View -> Display -> Perspective.



Once Perspective mode is deactivated, your model, dimensions, and coordinate systems should return to normal:



If disabling perspective mode does not return dimensions and coordinate systems back to their normal display states, you may have other graphical issues that are affecting your models’ display. Please contact Hawk Ridge Systems for further support at 877.266.4469.

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