Show Disappeared Part

Occasionally when a user is working on a part in SOLIDWORKS, they may see the part vanish from the graphics are. Sometimes the part may be off of the screen, in which case selecting the “F” key would bring the part back into view. If the part still does not appear, it is likely that the part was accidentally hidden.

To show a hidden part for both single and multi-body parts, navigate to System Options>Feature Manager. Once there, select the drop down menu next to “Solid Bodies” and select “Show”, then select “OK”. Please refer to the image below for guidance.

After exiting the options menu, a “Solid Bodies” folder should appear in your feature tree. Expand the “Solid Bodies” folder, right click a body and select “Show”. The image below demonstrates this process.

After selecting “Show” the geometry should appear. Please note that this remedy is intended for part use only. The common cause of a part being hidden on accident is the user accidentally selecting the “Tab” key when the mouse is hovering over the geometry. The “Tab” key is a hotkey that will automatically hide the body that the mouse is over. If the geometry is still not appearing, please call our support line, 877-266-4469 for the US and 866-587-6803 for Canada.

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